Henson Trail

Henson Trail is in the Goldstream neighborhood of Langford, B.C. The one kilometer trail branches off of the Ed Nixon Trail near Langford Lake and continues along the Trans Canada Highway toward the West Shore Parkway. After crossing the parkway the trail follows along the concrete sidewalk past the gas station and along Amy Road. There is a pedestrian crosswalk to transit across Amy Road to reach Amy Pond Park. Henson Trail continues onto Lakehurst Park. After strolling along the gravel pathway through Lakehurst Park the trail ends at Lakehurst Drive. Both Lakehurst Green Space and Willway Elementary School Green Space are across the road. This is a pleasant urban walk in the Goldstream neighborhood although there are few trees except in the parkland areas.

Geographic location N48° 27’28” W123°32’47” along Lakehurst Drive

Henson Trail can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at the West Shore Parkway and make a right onto Amy Road to pass the gas station. Continue along Amy Road which merges with Sooke Lake Road. Turn left onto Mt Wells Road and take another left onto Lakehurst Drive. The trail is at the Lakehurst Park and Lakehurst Green Space. There is limited roadside parking this area.

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