Oak Bay, British Columbia


Oak Bay is a seaside municipality of the Capital Region District (CRD), one of the thirteen communities and the third smallest. Its nearness to the sea and quiet neighborhoods with attractive gardens encourages pedestrian exploration of Oak Bay.  The ten and half square kilometers that form the quaint community are visible from many delightful points. From views of houses clinging to the rocky outcrop on Gonzales Hill to sights of the spirited competition of Sunday sailboat racing from Cattle Point in Uplands Park, Oak Bay is a place that stimulates the imagination and produces idyllic memories.

There is always a lot to see and do in Oak Bay.  This book describes parks, playgrounds, and green spaces within the municipality of Oak Bay from north to south.  Its goal is to encourage you to explore your neighborhood by foot as each place takes less than an hour to explore.  There are invigorating walks and astounding vistas in your backyard.  It is a great way to get out of the house with limited use of your car.  Walking in established residential areas has the added bonus of frequent rest stops for the young and old.

Beginning at the University of Victoria, the municipality of Oak Bay extends toward Mt. Tolmie, in Saanich, to the west.  The western border is also shared with Victoria. The southern and eastern boundaries are the seashore of the Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean.  A brief description of the nature of each park is provided with directions.  The use of back lanes in the older parts can pleasantly extend many of these walks.  Once you become oriented to the location of each park it is easy to make longer walks from one park to another.

You may wish to detour past one of the oldest houses in Western Canada.  John Tod, presumably the first person to retire to Victoria, built a house in 1856 at what is now 2564 Heron Street.  He worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company.

As all else, trails are altered and the conditions of the parks and green spaces that I described in this book change.  I ask that you help to keep this book current and useful.

For the enjoyment of all parks, playgrounds and green spaces, please carry out any litter, respect adjacent property, and do not pick the wildflowers, mushrooms, or other vegetation. Please note that most parks in Oak Bay require that owner pickup after their dogs and that the dogs be on a leash, with the seasonal exception of Uplands Park and Cattle Point.

Exploration is footsteps away in your backyard.

University of Victoria Trails

Henderson Park

Cedar Cadboro Green Space

Costain Green

Loon Bay Park 

Nottingham Park

Oakdowne Park

Carnarvon Park

Midland Circle Green Space

Midland Green Space

Uplands Park

Willows Beach Park

Kendal Green Space

University Woods Green Space

Woodburn Green Space

Wessex Green Space

Camosun Green Space

Humber Green Space

Lansdowne Green Space

Rutland Green Space

Surrey Green Space

Midland Connector Green Space

Dorset Devon Green Space

Camas Trail Green Space

Lokier Gardens

Beach Lincoln Green Space

Lincoln Dunlevy Green Space

Thompson Topp Park

Willows Elementary School Green Space

Henderson Green Space

Saint Patrick’s Perish Green Space

Haynes Park

Oak Bay High School Green Space

Bowker Creek Walk

Goldsmith Elgin Green Space

Elgin Yale Green Space

Memorial Garden

Monteith Riparian Garden

Fireman’s Park

Turkey Head Walkway and Mary Todd Islet

Windsor Park

Oak Bay Green Space

Corbett’s Corner Green Space

Brighton Green Space

Queen’s Park

Oak Bay Municipal Hall Green Space

Cochran’s Common Green Space

Entrance Corner Green Space

Great Victoria Library Oak Bay Green Space

Oak Bay Native Plant Garden

Victoria Roslyn Green Space

Roslyn Hampshire Green Space

Hampshire Monterey Green Space

Oliver St Patrick Green Space

Monterey Middle School Green Space

Lafayette Park

Kitty Islet Park 

Trial Island Ecological Reserve

McMicking Park 

Anderson Hill Park (Blueberry Hill) 

McNeill (Shoal) Bay Park 

Gonzales Hill Regional Park 

Sunny Green Space 

Sunny Beach Access

Walbran Park

Harling Point Green Space

Maquinna Penzance Green Space 

Trafalgar Park 

Quimper Park

Abkhazi Garden 

Crescent Green Space

Marne Green Space 

Repulse Green Space