Prospect Lake Elementary School Green Space

Prospect Lake Elementary Green Space is in the District of Saanich, one of thirteen areas that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This green space is the schoolyard of Prospect Lake Elementary School that is within the Saanich School District No 63. The current building was built in the late nineteen sixties after the second schoolhouse was closed down. The first school building, currently at the intersection of West Saanich Road and Wallace Drive, was built in eighteen ninety-four. This building was renovated into a private residence. The second school was a two-room building built in nineteen twenty three on lands donated by Mr. Samuel Cameron at the corner of West Saanich Road and Prospect Lake Road. It was closed down in nineteen sixty-six. Upgrades to the school building and yard occurred in two thousand and nineteen which increased the capacity of the school. The upgrade added more classroom space as well as outdoor learning areas.

Wray Creek border this green space to the south and agricultural lands lie along the western side that is protected by a chain-link fence. A sport field and play areas surround the school building. Well-maintained grass covers the sports field and surrounds the play grounds. Wood chips provide cushioning under the slide, swings and climbing apparatus. This is a fun place to do some parkour after school hours. Douglas fir, cedar and arbutus trees as well as ocean space and blackberry bushes lie along Wray Creek forming a narrow riparian area. Wray Creek is part of Tod Creek Watershed and flows into Todd Creek. Todd Creek flows into Todd Inlet a small bay off of Saanich Inlet and the Salish Sea.  This a good place to walk in your backyard.

Geographical Location 48°31’ 25”N 123°26’W

Prospect Lake Elementary Green Space can be reached from the TransCanada Highway. Exit Hwy 1 onto Mackenzie Avenue to reach Highway 17, Pat Bay Highway. Follow Pat Bay Highway to Royal Oak Drive Exit. Exit right to reach Royal Oak Drive then turn left onto Royal Oak Drive to reach West Saanich Road. Turn right onto West Saanich Road to continue along to reach Prospect Lake Road. Turn left onto to Prospect Lake Road and look for the schoolyard on the left. There is a parking area near the school building.


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