North Saanich

Walks in Your Backyard

A pocket guide to North Saanich Parks, Playgrounds and Green Spaces

copyright 2014 Roberta V. Eckard

The rural community that forms the District of North Saanich lies on the northern tip of the Saanich Peninsula, excluding the Town of Sidney, on the southern area of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The parks, playgrounds and green spaces to explore are mostly multiuse trails that connect cul-de-sacs with other roads and provide access for pedestrians and, in a many places, horses and bicyclists.

North Saanich borders on the ocean to the north and west and has many beach access points. To the south is Central Saanich and to the east is Sidney-by-the-Sea. This rural yet urban community has an excellent variety of outdoor areas including playgrounds, trail through forest groves, hill top vistas and sandy beaches.

This blog describes the parks, playgrounds, and green spaces within North Saanich from north to south and east to west, mostly.  The communities in North Saanich are: Swartz Bay, Lands End, Deep Cove, Ardmore, Bazan Bay and Sansbury/Dean Park.  This blog is written to encourage you to explore the outdoors in your neighborhood by foot. There are stimulating walks and breathtaking sights in your backyard. Walking in established residential areas has the added bonus of frequent rest stops for young and old.  Each place can take less than an hour to explore.  A brief description of the nature of each park is provided with directions.

As all else, trails are altered and the conditions of the parks, playgrounds and green spaces that I describe in this blog change.  As I cannot be held responsible for errors or discrepancies in the text, I ask that you help to keep this blog current and useful. For the enjoyment of all parks, playgrounds and green spaces, please carry out any litter, respect adjacent property, keep dogs on a leash, and do not pick the wildflowers, mushrooms or other vegetation. And, of course, the geographical locations that are provided are dependent on the stability of network that forms the global positioning system.

 Exploration is footsteps away in your backyard.

Swartz Head Beach Access

Swartz Head Government Wharf Green Space

Piers Island Government Wharf and Green Space

Canoe Cove Road Trail

Dunne Road Green Space

Fernie Wynd Trail and Green Space

HMS Plumper Park

Prentice Pond Park

Beach Road Beach Access

West Port Marina Green Space

Lochside Trail – North Saanich

Tsehum Harbour Lagoon Park

Lands End Road Green Space

Pachena Park

Green Park

Queen Mary Bay Park

Queen Mary Bay Beach

Elderberry Way Green Space

Junco Road Beach Access

Hedgerow Drive Green Spaces

McDonald Park – Gulf Island National Park Reserve

McDonald Park West Green Space

Blue Heron Park

Nymph Point Park

Wales Point Green Space

Bayfield Road Bird Sanctuary

Blue Heron Road Green Space

Lillian Hoffar Park

Horth Hill Regional Park

Gardner Pond

Alder Road Trail South

Alder Road Trail North

Readings Drive Park

Sumac Park

Eugene Bailin Memorial Trail

Oceanspray Drive Green Space

Bluebell Place Park

Highview Park North

Highview Park South (Redbud)

Sycamore Park

Quatsino Park

Brickley Close Green Spaces

Seabreeze Road Green Space

Kitwanga Place Green Space

Hasquiat Place Green Space

Chalet Beach

Kanishay Road Park

Danton Road Trail

Clayton Road Trail

St . John’s United Church Green Space

Deep Cove Elementary School Green Space

Heather Road Park and Green Spaces 

Birch Road Green Space

Meldram Road Green Space

Deep Cove Road Green Spaces

Setchell Road Green Space

Madrona Drive Green Space

Madrona Drive Green

Coal Point Lane Green Space

Cromar Road Green Space

Downey Road Green Space

Norris Road Green Space

Towner Road Green Space

Towner Road Trail

Warrior Point Trail

Tseycum Reserve Green Space

Littlewood – Glamorgan – Munro Trail

Glamorgan Common Gardens

Tapping Road Green Spaces

North Saanich Municipal Green Space

Free Ride Bike Park

Glamorgan Farm

Flight Path

Sangster Road Green Space

Tsaykum Road Green Spaces

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Green Space

Scoter Trail

Rotary Park – Field of Dreams

Chipmunk Court Green Space

Reay Creek Park – North Saanich

Dickson Avenue Green Space

Mainwaring Road Green Space

Dunsmuir Lodge Green Space

Victoria International Airport Green Spaces

Institute of Ocean Science Green Space

Lomond Ferry Green Space

Frizell Road Green Space

Briarwood Place Beach

Eventide Road Beach

Glenelg Avenue Beach and Green Spaces

Bayview Road Beach

Dogwood Road Green Space

Falkirk Avenue Green Spaces

Hartfell Avenue Green Spaces and Beach

Cromarty Avenue Green Space

Braemar Avenue Beach

Aboyne Avenue Green Space and Beach

Ardmore Drive Beach

Ardmore Golf Course Green Space

McTavish Road Green Space

Pauquachin First Nation Green Space

Cresswell Road Green Space

Texada Terrace Green Space

Driftwood Beach Green Space

Kelset Elementary School Green Space

Tumbo Place Green Space

Dominion Brook Park

Lowe Road Green Space

Amity Drive Green Space

Sansbury Elementary School Green Space

Fentress Road Green Space – West

Bazan Bay Road Green Space

Wardle Road Green Space