Estelline Park

Estelline Park is in the District of Saanich, one of thirteen areas that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. It lies on the southern end of Prospect Lake and is bordered by the lake and neighborhood properties. About a half of a hectare, Estelline Park provides walk in access to Prospect Lake for personal portable watercraft like kayaks, paddle boards and fisher floats. The footpath through a grass field leads to a small bay of Prospect Lake. Willow tree, black cottonwood form a riparian area along the shore. There is beach access to the lake between the bushes lining the waters edge.  This is a good place to walk in your backyard.

Geographical Location 48°30’ 41”N 123° 26’ 52”W

Estelline Park can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway. Exit onto Mackenzie Avenue to reach Pat Bay Highway (Hwy 17). Continue along Pat Bay Highway to exit the highway at Royal Oak Drive, cross over the highway to reach the intersection with West Saanich Road.  Turn right and drive down West Saanich Road to Prospect Lake Road, which is past the road that leads to the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. Turn left onto Prospect Lake Road. Travel along the roadway, passing Whitehead Park; continue through the residential area keeping an eye out for Estelline Road, which is about half way around the lake. Turn down Estelline Road and look for the park along the road. There is limited parking along Estelline Road. 


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