Juan de Fuca Electoral Area

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Juan de Fuca Electoral Area

 Parks, Gardens, and Green Spaces

Juan de Fuca Electoral Area (JdFEA) lies on the south west coast of Vancouver Island. From Otter Point to Port Renfrew, the Capital Regional District provides the community and land use planning and policy for the JdFEA. Curiously enough, the area includes East Sooke, the Malahat and Willis Point, as well as the Chatham and Discovery Island off the Oak and Cadboro bays. The community parks and trails are varied and often lie next to private property. The lands west of Sooke, or basically west from Kemp Lake Road, host the Juan De Fuca Electoral District parklands. The lands that form the JdFEA were inhibited by approximately one thousand five hundred Pacheedaht (Children of the Sea Foam) people for the about two thousand years while there were inhabitants on the British Columbia coast for many thousand years before. Population estimates for this area are about fifteen hundred people dwelling in various seasonal locations.

There are three provincial parks: Sooke Mountain Provincial Park, French Beach, Juan de Fuca Trail with China Beach, Mystic Beach, Somboro Beach, and Botanical Beach; covering an estimated six thousand two hundred and fifty three hectares. There are three federal parks: the Pacific Rim Park Reserve with the West Coast Trail and the Great Trail which covers seven thousand six hundred and forty eight hectares.

Sooke Hills Regional Park Reserve, Sea to Sea Regional Park, Jordan River Regional Park with Sand Beach and East Sooke Regional Park with numerous trails form the cluster of regional parklands covering an estimated thirteen thousand one hundred and thirty three. There are several smaller neighborhood parks and greenspaces associated with school yards and water access. The parks, playgrounds and green spaces are described from east to west and south to north; to acknowledge where the greater population dwells in JdFEA.

 As all else, trails are altered and the conditions of the parks and green spaces that I describe in this book change.  I ask that you help to keep this book current and useful. For the enjoyment of all parks, playgrounds, and green spaces, please carry out any litter, respect adjacent property, pickup after your dog and keep dogs on a leash, and do not pick the wildflowers, mushrooms or other vegetation. Please pack out all the items you bring on your hike. Practice responsible outdoor recreation.

Exploration is footsteps away in your backyard.

West Coast Road Shoreline Green Space

Carpenter Road Park

Kemp Lake Park

Brother Stone Park

Otterridge Drive Park

Elrose Park

Elrose 2 Park

Corby Park

Otter Point Park

Gordon’s Beach Park

Amanda Place Park

Eagle Crest Drive Park

Farmer Road Green Space

William Simmons Park

Butler Park

Otter Point Place Green Space

Tugwell Creek Green Space

Muir Creek Park

Shirley Pioneer Park

Sheringham Point Park

Kaulitz Park

Flea Beach Park

Seaside Drive Green Space

French Beach Provincial Park

Priest Cabin Park

Fishboat Bay Park

Sandcut Beach – Jordan River Regional Park

Jordan River Regional Park

Tansky Recreation Site

The Shores Park

Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

Kludahk Park

The Park in Port Renfrew

Port Renfrew Elementary School Green Space

Pacific Rim National Park – West Coast Trail

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve – San Juan River Trails

San Juan River Estuary Ecological Reserve (two sections of the river)

Avatar Grove

Fairy Lake Recreation Site

Harris Creek Spruce Recreation Site

Lizard Lake Recreation Sit

San Juan River Recreation Site