Walks in Your Backyard

A pocket guide to

Sooke Parks, Playgrounds and Green Spaces


The harbourside District of Sooke provides a tranquil refuge on southern Vancouver Island. As one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia, Sooke provides a relaxed, casual lifestyle in a rural setting with unspoiled beaches, meandering rainforest trails and breathtaking vistas of Washington State’s Olympic Mountains across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Care and respect must be taken when strolling in Sooke as the area also has a lot of open private lands and it is difficult to tell the difference between that and parkland.  The Galloping Goose Trail lies on the eastern edge of the village of Sooke Village. The Trail can be combined with more hikes to explore further into the hills and mountains to the north, toward Shawnigan Lake.

The walks described in this blog vary in distance. There are few that are several meters and thus a few moments of your day. Others can extend to several kilometers. Enjoy these walks in your back yard.


As all else, trails are altered and the conditions of the parks and green spaces that I describe in this blog change.  I ask that you help to keep this book current and useful. For the enjoyment of all parks, playgrounds, and green spaces, please carry out any litter, respect adjacent property, pickup after your dog and keep dogs on a leash, and do not pick the wildflowers, mushrooms or other vegetation.


Exploration is footsteps away in your backyard.

Galloping Goose Trail – Sooke

Roche Cove Regional Park

Matheson Lake Regional Park

Kellett Point Green Space

Anderson Cove Park

Mount Matheson Park

Cains Trail – Matheson Lake Park

Park Heights Park

Parks Heights Trail – East Sooke Park

Copper Mine Park

Copper Mine Trail – East Sooke Park

Seagrit Park

Pike Trail – East Sooke Park