View Royal, British Columbia


It is the many views of water that makes the Municipality of View Royal unique. Twenty five kilometers of pathways and over seventy parklands are found in this small community. Many of them are along the waterways like Portage Inlet, Craigflower Creek, Mill Stream and Esquimalt Harbour. View Royal is one of the West Shore municipalities of the Capital Regional District. Mostly a residential area, View Royal is named for its royal view as many of the original homes had views of the Salish Sea and the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, USA. Portage Inlet is part of the Salish Sea as it is the wide end of Gorge Inlet, a long meandering channel that leads from Victoria’s upper harbor through landscaped urban areas. It is always surprising to see the water level change with the ebb and flow of the tides in Portage Inlet. With half of the city bordered by waterways there are many unique areas to enjoy View Royal such as stream side trails, sandy beaches and sandstone view points. View Royal has a wonderful selection of parks, playgrounds, and green spaces.

This blog describes the parks, playgrounds, and green spaces within View Royal, British Columbia. Its goal is to encourage you to explore your neighborhood by foot. Each place takes less than an hour to explore. There are stimulating walks and breathtaking sights in your backyard. It is a great way to get out of your house with limited use of your car. Walking is established residential areas have the added bonus of frequent rest stops for young and old.

Bordered by Thetis Lake Regional Park and Saanich to the north, View Royal extends west around Portage Inlet to Esquimalt Harbor. The community of Esquimalt lies on the west border and to the east is the Municipality of Colwood. The parklands are described from north to south. A brief description of the nature of each park is provided with directions.

Knockan Hill Park

Welland Legacy Park

Burnside Tawny Green Space

Tawny Park

Conard Street Green Space

Quincy Street Green Space

Galloping Goose Trail – View Royal

Trans Canada Trail – View Royal

Chancellor Park

Victoria General Hospital Green Spaces

Stoneridge Wetland Park

Aldersmith Park

Eagle View Elementary School Green Space

Burnside Road Green Space

Game Nature Park

Burnside Watkiss Park

Francis View Park

Evelyn Heights Park

Evelyn Heights Francis View Green Space

Craigflower Creek Park

Marler Park

Thetis Lake Regional Park – Creed Road Trail

Watkiss Way Green Space

Meadow Vale Drive Green Space

Riverside Drive Green Space

Chalmers Court Park

Valley View Green Space

Park Ridge Place Green Space

Westoby Road Green Space

Thetis Lake Park – Panhandle Trail

Highlands Road Green Space

Thetis Lake Regional Park

Thetis Lake Park –Prior Lake

Thetis Lake Park – McKenzie Lake

Portage Inlet Linear Park

St. Giles Easement Green Space

St. Giles Park

Stillwater Road Green Space

Helmcken Centennial Park

Tidewater Road Green Space

White Pine Road Green Space

Thomas Park

Midwood Green Space

Seabird Park

Caton Lane Park

Parkcrest Park

MacLennan Trail

View Royal Municipal Park

E &N Rail Trail – View Royal

Fort Victoria Green Space

View Royal Elementary School Green Space

Glenairlie Park

Suzanne Place Green Space

Shoreline Community Middle School Green Space

Shoreline– Craigowan Green Space

Shoreline Drive Green Space

Craigflower Manor Gardens

Craigflower Road Green Space

Glentana Road Green Space

Demos Place Green Space

Portage Park

Thetis Cove Green Space

Beaumont Beach

Stewart Beach

Limekiln Cove Green Space

Helmcken Corner Park

Tovey Cove Shoreline Access

Newstead Park

Heddle Park

View Royal Green Space

Palmer Station Green Space

Norquay Road Green Space

Knollwood Park

Highbank Park

Price Road Green Space

Dukrill Road Green Space

Parson’s Bridge Park

Jalan Park

Burchill Park

Atkins Road Green Space

Garry Oak Meadows Park

Nursery Hill Park

Thetis Vale Green Space

Chilco Park

Robin Hill Park

Chilco Cheam Green Space

Mill Hill Regional Park

Edwards Park

Mill Cove Park

Atkins Chilco Pathway

Duffus Trail Park

Kelvin Grove Park

Wilfert Park

Mellor Park

Lime Kiln Park