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Walks in Your Backyard

A pocket guide to Langford’s Parks, Gardens, and Green Spaces

Copyright by Roberta V. Eckard 2014

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted.

Emerald rolling hills combined with views of the waters of Saanich Inlet and Juan de Fuca Strait from the rocky summits of Mount Finlayson, Mount Skirt, Mount Wells and Mill Hill, Langford has some spectacular landscapes. As one of thirteen communities in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia, the City of Langford is located on the southern end of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. Incorporated in nineteen ninety-two, it is named after a ship captain come bailiff and farmer who arrived in eighteen fifty-one. Although Captain Edward Edwards Langford acquired property on the west shore of Esquimalt Harbour south of Mill (initially named Rowe) Stream, he returned to England ten years later. As part of the West Shore, formerly Western, Communities, the City of Langford, lies west of Victoria, B.C. Pioneers in this area were part of the District of Esquimalt which was encompassed by the Capital Regional District after which the City of Langford became known. Many of the parks, playgrounds and green spaces in this city are managed in conjunction the CRD.

This municipality has some wonderful areas for walking and hiking. Langford is bordered by Colwood, Highlands, View Royal and Metchosin. It borders on the waters of Finlayson Arm which is part of Saanich Inlet. Goldstream River Provincial Park and three regional parks (Thetis Lake, Mill Hill and Mount Wells) are within its borders. Neighborhoods within North Langford are Thetis Heights and Millstream, Florence Lake, Bear Mountain, Raven Woods and Goldstream. South Langford neighborhoods are Langford Lake, Mill Hill and Downtown, Glen Lake, West Hills and Happy Valley. The north and south sides of the City of Langford have a diversity of parks, playgrounds, and green spaces.

The northern border of Langford is formed by Goldstream River Provincial Park, the District of Highlands and Thetis Lake Regional Park. Langford extends westward to the Sooke Hills Wilderness Park Reserve, the District of Metchosin and Olympic View Golf Course. South of this border is the City of Colwood while the Town of View Royal lies to the east. This blog describes the parks, playgrounds, and green spaces within the four thousand one hundred and forty six hectare area that forms Langford. Its goal is to encourage you to explore your neighborhood by foot. They are listed from north to south using a brief description of the nature of each park with directions. The geographic coordinates are not finite and should be used a reference. Each place takes less than an hour to explore. There are stimulating walks and breathtaking sights in your backyard. It is a great way to get out of your house with limited use of your car. Walking is established residential areas have the added bonus of frequent rest stops for young and old.

As all else, trails are altered and the conditions of the parks, playgrounds and green spaces that I describe in this blog change. I ask that you help to keep this information current and useful. For the enjoyment of all parks, playgrounds, and green spaces, please carry out any litter, respect adjacent property, pickup after your dog and maintain control of your dog and leave the wildflowers, mushrooms or other vegetation where they are growing for enjoyment of all.

Exploration is footsteps away in your backyard.

Parks, Playgrounds and Green Spaces in Langford, B.C.

Goldstream River Provincial Park

Thetis Lake Regional Park

Peacock Place Green Space

Bellamy Park

Kestral Rason Green Space

Haley Rae Place Park

Gourman Park

Goldie Park

Goldie Trail

All Fun Recreation Park and Campground

Millstream Park

Millstream Creek Trail

Ecole Millstream Elementary School Green Space

Carmanah Place Green Space

Hansen Park

Sunkist Park

Tacon Park

Bellamy Park TCH

Selwyn Green Space

Selwyn Falls Park

McCallum Road Green Space

McCallum Park

Sunshine Park

Setchfield Park

Gannet Court Green Space

Millstream Bear Mountain Green Space

Stone Gate Park

Bear Mountain Parkway Green Space

Harrow Gate Park

Alton Lane Park

Stone Gate Green Space

Bishops Gate Park

Skyline Park

Bear Mountain Parkway Park

Bear Spirit Green Space

Quail’s Run Park

Spirit Ridge Park

Timber View Green Space

Players Drive Park

Blue Grouse Plateau Park

Deerview Park


Strandlund Green Space

Bellbarbie Green Space

Toth Park

Selwyn Cedarvale Green Space

Cedarvale Park

Jeannie Park

Jeanine Place Green Space

Ridge Green Space

Leckfield Park

Selwyn Green Space

Selwyn Falls Park

Hoffman Green Space

Cornerstone Park

Leggett Park

Mill Stream South Park

Mill Hill Regional Park

Millpond Park

Crystalview Elementary School Green Space

Nugget Park

Ruby Court Park

Crystalview Park

Tanzanita Park

Selica Park

Galloping Goose Trail – Langford

Trans Canada Trail – Langford

Chan Streamside Park

Savory Elementary School Green Space

Windman Park

Wagar Green Space (Millstream Road)

Crossroad Park

Veteran’s Memorial Park

Meaford Millstream Green Space

Danbrook Park

Peatt Fire Hall Green Space

Peatt Green Space

Sunderland Peatt Green Space

Arnote Park

Deville Green Space

Porcher Park

Ruth King Elementary School Green Space

Karr Goldstream Green Space

Spencer Middle School Green Space

Spencer’s Pond Park

Knotty Pine Park

Centennial Park – Langford

Langford Lake Park North

Shelby Park

Donna Hartdale Green Space

Lakeshore Place Park

Guyton Park

Flute Lane Park

Le Quesne Park

Leigh Beach Park

Langford Lake Park

Ed Nixon Trail – Langford Lake Park

Clearwater Waterview Green Space

Clearwater Green Space

Langford Lake Drive Trail

Westhills Park

City Center Park

City Center Park- Hulls Trail

Shoreview Park

Belmont Secondary School Green Space

Glen Lake Park

Glen Cove Park

Cy Jenkins Trail

Monnington Park

Fisher’s Pond Park

Chan Hillside Park

Reginald Park

Young Green Space

Luxton Park

Ed Fisher Memorial Park

Isabell Green Space

Weaver Park

Weaver Green Space

Happy Valley Elementary School Green Space

South Vancouver Island Rangers Green Space

Ernhill Park

Sun Estates Park

SunHills Park

Sun Grove Park

Desmond North Park

Desmond South Park

Turnstone Park

Kinglet Park

Thrush Park

Braeburn Park

Willing Park

A.Tom Gordon Memorial Park

Valley View Pond Park

Moss Ridge Park

Wild Ridge Park

Vitality Park