Kapoor Regional Park Reserve


Kapoor Regional Park Reserve is in the seaside community of Sooke, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. The twelve and half hectare nature parkland was rehabilitated from the remnants of the mining and logging in the early nineteen hundreds. The town site of Leechtown lies nearby. This parkland is remote and can be reach by hiking, walking or cycling along the Galloping Goose Trail to the end of the line, at kilometer fifty five and half. The park was established in nineteen ninety nine and commemorates a visionary pioneer lumberman Kapoor Singh Siddoo. The Siddoo family donated the lands which border along the eastern side of the upper section of the Sooke River. The University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Forestry offers scholarships to forestry students through the Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation, established in nineteen sixty seven. Read more about the KSSF legacy here:


and more about the lands that were logged in Sooke here:


The Galloping Goose Trail ends at a clearing which is the former site of the Cameron Lumber Company’s sawmill. The Kapoor station kiosk, bench and toilets are at the clearing. The town site of Leechtown is another half a kilometer along, closer to the Capital Regional District Water Services gates and fences. While at the clearing take a moment to read the historical information about this area. Continue along the trail across the bridge over Wolf Creek and look for a rough trail to the left that leads toward Sooke River. Deep Pool is a natural swimming spot located at the confluence of Leech River and Sooke River. This can be a lovely place for a swim as well as the possibility of fording the rivers when the water levels are low. The pool was named by the Leechtown miners.

Tributaries of the Sooke River flow though this parkland including Leech River, MacDonald Creek and Wolf Creek. This makes the river bed a very dynamic environment with logs and debris being moved by the changes in the water flow. Enjoy the tranquility of the park with the eagles, both golden and bald as well as pileated wood peckers to name a few. Red squirrels and black-tailed deer can be seen when it is quiet. Northern alligator lizards may also be found in this parkland. While logging has occurred in the area the second growth forest includes coastal western hemlock and coastal Douglas-fir, arbutus, western red cedar, grand fir, Garry oak, red alder and cottonwood trees. The understory is varied with some open grass covered areas as well as salal, Oregon-grape and read huckleberry.

Geographical location N48º 26’ 58”  W123º 43’ 57”

Kapoor Regional Park Reserve can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway. Take the Langford Parkway exit and follow along to reach Sooke Road (Hwy 14). Follow Sooke Road to the Sooke River Road. Turn right onto Sooke River Road and continue to the end of the road or to parking area two of the Sooke Potholes Regional Park. Head to the east to find the Galloping Goose Trail – Sooke and travel the last six and half kilometers along the wide pathway to the clearing at the end of this trail. Smaller trails lead past the toilets and beach toward Sooke River. This park is about an hour or so driving from Victoria. There is a city bus stop along Sooke Road near the Sooke River Road.

Further information about Leechtown can be found by visiting the Sooke Regional Museum as well as history about Leechtown.


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