SEAPARC Recreation Center Green Space

SEAPARC Recreation Center Green Space is in the seaside community of Sooke, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. The recreation centers host an aquatic center, skating rink, multipurpose rooms for creative and athletic pursuits.  There is a baseball diamond and bike park west of the parking area for the center. The ball field has a chain-link fence around its perimeter. The Stan Jones Ballfield is access from the parking lot with the thirty-step wooded staircase built by the Rotary Club of Sooke. Mr. Jones devoted his spare time to developing assets for the Sooke community for nearly fifty years and advanced business in the area with a grocery store and shopping center.  The ball field has dugouts and bleachers and is in use in the spring, summer and fall. Leagues for the field are organized with the Triangle Athletic Baseball Association. This is great place to take in a game. The bike park has dirt pumps and jumps tracks with different levels of difficult. It is open from dawn to dusk. Both the ball park and bike park areas are surrounded by a forest. Throup Creek flows through the forest and a two hundred meter long dirt trail connects to Throup Road and Throup Road Park. The Throup Road Ball Field and DeMamiel Golf Course are also nearby.

The green space is slated for an alteration as the recreation building is proposed to be expanded.

Geographic location N48º 23’ 9”  W123º 42’ 29”

SEAPARC Recreation Center Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Take the Langford Parkway exit and follow along to reach Sooke Road (Hwy 14). Follow highway 14 to Phillips Road. Look the for the relocated Triangle Island light house. There is parking on the left behind the buildings. City buses travel along Sooke Road and Phillips Road.



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