Ravenview Park

Raven View Park is in the Goldstream neighborhood of Langford, B.C. About a hectare in size, Raven View Park is roughly an L-shaped parkland with a small ephemeral creek. This park borders on private acreages and Mount Well Regional Park. This nature park has several large cedar, Douglas fir and big leaf maple trees and lies on the eastern side of Mt Wells Park. From Raven View Drive, a rough dirt and rock pathway leads down a gravel slope to set of five stairs and on ward to lead across a small wooden bridge. The trail branches and leads along both sides of the into the Douglas fir and arbutus forest. The trails are unsigned although various colors of flagging tape can be seen. Perhaps you spot a raven on your visit in this peaceful park in your backyard. The trail in this parkland does connect with trails in Mt Wells Park as well as pathways in green spaces from Glenshire Drive and Awsworth Road. Irwin Park lies to the northeast.

Geographic location N48° 26’25” W123°32”56”

Raven View Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at West Shore Parkway and turn right onto Amy Road which merges to become Sooke Lake Road. Continue along SLR to turn left onto Humpback Road. Follow Humpback Road up over the railway track turn onto Irwin Road. Continue along Irwin Road and onto Creekside Trail. This road curves up the hill to Raven View Drive. The trail access to the park is marked with a discrete sign. There is limited roadside parking this area.


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