Mill Stream South Park

Mill Stream South Park is in the Mill Hill neighborhood of Langford, B.C. Douglas fir trees, western red cedar, sword ferns, deer ferns, mosses and lichens form the second growth forest found in this nature park. The park is part of the riparian area of Mill Stream in Langford, B.C. Mill Stream, or Millstream Creek as it is often called, is the main waterway in a watershed that starts in the Gowlland Tod range of the Highlands and includes seven lakes and numerous ponds. There is about five kilometers of Mill Stream that lie within the City of Langford. Mill Hill Regional Park and Leggett Park are across Atkins Road. Savory Elementary School Green Space, Crystalview Park, Mill Pond Park and Crystalview Elementary School Green Space are near by

Geographic location N48° 27’2” W123° 28’ 54”

Leggett Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Veteran Memorial Parkway/Millstream Road and turn south. Continue along the parkway to turn left onto Hoffman Avenue. Follow Hoffman Avenue to Winster Road and onto Atkin Road. The park is on the right near the driveway into Mill Hill Regional Park. This is limited parking on Atkin Road and limited access to this parkland.


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