Savory Elementary School Green Space

Savory Elementary School GS  11

Savory Elementary School Green Space is in the Mill Hill neighborhood of Langford, B.C. Built in nineteen sixty six, Savory School is named after Lillian Savory, a business woman, teacher and volunteer for education in Langford. The green space has several unique areas to explore as well as an excellent playground and a couple of sport fields. This school ground is available outside of school hours as it is part of the Sooke School District 62. The playground consists of a several swing, slides and climbing bars and ladders. The sports fields are a good size with white goal posts on the ends. A well explored nature area on the eighty-six meter tall hill, also called mini-mountain, lies to the south of the school buildings. The hill has several tall western red cedar, big leaf maple and Douglas fir trees as well as ocean spray, ninebark and oregon grape shrubs. A unique feature is the large white covered pedestrian bridge that provides access to the green space from Atkins Road. The bridge crosses over the railway track and Trans Canada Trail. A gated fire road access is from Vantilburg Crescent between 2735 and 2739. The Veteran’s Memorial Park, Chan Streamside Park and Mill Hill Regional Park, are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 26’56” W123° 29’ 6”


Savory Elementary School Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Veteran Memorial Parkway/Millstream Road and turn south. Continue along the parkway to turn left onto Goldstream Avenue. Follow Goldstream Avenue to Grainger Road. Turn left onto Grainger Road where there is limited parking in this area. A fire road access is from Vantilburg Crescent between 2735 and 2739. City buses travel along Atkins Road and Goldstream Avenue.



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