Veteran’s Memorial Park

Veteran’s Memorial Park is in the Mill Hill neighborhood of downtown Langford, B.C. Located on the corner of Goldstream Ave and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, this three thousand four hundred and eighty square meter park has amenities for everyone. The playground has unique climbing hexagons and stands near the play set that has stairs, ladders and bars to reach the platform with a slide. The playground is set on rubber matting that has been colored blue and black. The namesake for the park is the cenotaph with seven foot tall sheet draped statue of “Canada” which is a replica of the Vimy Ridge statute of a weeping mother. “Canada” was commissioned by Derek Rowe in two thousand and one. Cedar and pine trees shade the rectangular water fountain and a wooden covered bandstand gazebo. Benches line the plaza of the parkland near the cenotaph while rhododendrons and smaller shrubs line the trees and cedar hedges shelter the park from the busy streets. There are several donated benches including one that hosts sculptures of the local legion president Harry Groom sitting on the bench showing a poppy to a youngster. This is one of six bronze artworks created by Derek Rowe for the beautification of downtown Langford. This park also hosts a water spray park, a seasonal toilet, grass covered areas with concrete and brick walkways though the landscaped. Royal Colwood Golf Club, Veteran’s Memorial Parkway Park, Danbrooke Park, Crossroads Park, Windman Park and the Trans Canada Trail – Langford are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 26’48” W123° 29’ 43”


Veteran’s Memorial Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream Road/Veterans Memorial Parkway and head south to reach Goldstream Avenue. Turn left and then make the first right turn onto Aldwynd Road and look for the park on the right. There is limited roadside parking this area and a small parking lot along Aldwynd Road. City buses travel along Goldstream Avenue and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway.


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