Shoreview Park

Shoreview Park is along the northwest shore of Glen Lake in Langford, B.C. This small park has a gravel and wood chip pathway that leads towards the lake along a wetlands area. Another pathway leads toward Glen Lake Road and connects with Hulls Trail. Douglas fir and cedars trees line the pathway with salal, ferns and blackberry bushes filling in the understory. This section of the trail is about seventy meters long and leads to Glen Lake Road. The next section continues from Shoreview Drive turnabout to reenter the forest area to the south. About one hundred and eighty meters long, this section of the pathway borders along the wetlands of Glen Lake and can be muddy and wet. The vegetation along this section may include skunk cabbage, sedges, bulrush, red alder and other wetland plants. The trail leads to the spray park and playground along the shore the Glen Lake and within Glen Lake Park.


Geographic location N48° 26’30”  W123°31’31”


Shoreview Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream Road and turn right onto Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. Continue along VMP to reach Jenkins Ave. Turn left onto Jenkins Ave and continue to the junction with Glen Lake Road. Turn right onto Glen Lake Road then left onto Springhill Road and left onto Shoreview Drive. The park trail is between homes 3037 and 3045. There is limited roadside parking this area.


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