Humpback Sooke Flowline Green Space – Metchosin

The Humpback Sooke Flowline Green Space – Metchosin is in the Sooke Road neighborhood of Metchosin, B.C. This green space is a thirty meter wide right of way with a trail along the top of the one and half meter diameter pipe. The water pipe, which was forty four kilometers long, was disconnected in nineteen seventy and now makes for a fun yet precarious walk. Tread with care and caution. This two kilometer section of the Sooke Flowline lies within Metchosin is from Humpback Road near Sooke Road to the border with the District of Sooke. The water pipe was used to transport water from the Sooke Reservoir to help create the balancing Humpback Reservoir in nineteen fifteen. Sections of this green space are enclosed within the Greater Victoria Water Area and Sooke Hills Park Reserve. Much of the pipe line is moss covered and becoming part landscape of the Douglas fir and arbutus forest. This is an unusual place to explore in your backyard in Metchosin and can be accessed from along Sooke Road, near Glinz Lake Road and near Impala Road. A beautiful section to explore is from Glinz Lake Road to Impala Road a distance of about four kilometers. Three concrete trestles ford the ravines of small tributaries of Veitch Creek. There are several large Douglas fir trees, arbutus tree groves, moss meadows and viewpoints along this section. The section from Impala Road to Humpback Road is on the ridge parallel to Sooke Road. It passes south of Camas Hill, at 288meters, and close to many private properties. On both sections of the flowline, tread with care and caution. Private property surrounds most of the flowline. Camas Hill Park, Blinkhorn Lake Park and Carlton Cosh Park are nearby.

Geographical location N48º 24’ W123º 38’ 11” along Glinz Lake Road

Humpback Sooke Flowline Green Space – Metchosin can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn off the Hwy onto the Millstream –Veteran Memorial Parkway and continue to southward to Sooke Road. Follow Sooke Road to Glinz Lake Road, a rather narrow as it winds through to the YMCA-YWCA Camp Thunderbird on Glinz Lake.  Continue up along the steep Glinz Lake Road about two and a half kilometers. There is limited roadside parking near the gate for the Camp. The flowline is about sixty meter south of the gate. There is limited parking along Impala Road.

Historical perspectives about the water system for the Greater Victoria area are available online.

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