Midland Green Space


Midland Green Space is located in the seaside community of Oak Bay, part of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This green space is long rectangular shape that was formed for the street car access to the Uplands Farm Estates in the early nineteen hundreds. It is mostly a natural-scape in this highly landscaped garden neighborhood. Garry oak trees are surrounded by snowberry, blackberry and wild rose bushes. Midland Road forms the western side of the green space while numerous driveways lead to the properties that form the eastern side of the green space.

Geographical Location N48º 26’ 41”  W123º 18’ 10”

Midland Circle Green Space can be accessed from Lansdowne Road. Turn left on the single track of Midland Road which parallels the green space. There is limited parking along Midland Road. City buses travel along the northern end of Midland Road.


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