Uplands Park

Uplands Park is in the seaside community of Oak Bay part of the Capital Regional District in British Columbia. At thirty and half hectares this is one of larger parks in Oak Bay. In 1912 the Uplands Park was laid out as part of the Garden Uplands Estates development plans.  In 1946, the land was given to the municipality of Oak Bay for the purpose of a public park in perpetuity.  The 75 acres include some fantastic views of the ocean and soothing strolls through rocky Garry Oak meadows and West Coast bramble. Plants that you might see are camas lilies, plantain buttercups, western buttercup, yellow montane violet, fawn lilies, lupine, red-oiser dogwood, shoot stars, nootka rose and numerous lichen and mosses. Numerous birds, butterflies and other insects are also found here. Be sure to wear your boots when you venture out during late autumn and winter months.  A cenotaph is found along the granite rocks on the eastern side of the park. This landscaped area is along Beach Drive.  The cenotaph features a woman gazing down on the names of residents of Oak Bay whom gave their lives during World War Two and recognizes Canadians who fell during World War One, Korea, United Nations Peace Keepers and Canadian Merchant Navy.  The monument was commissioned in nineteen forty seven by designer James Saull whose wife was the model for the nine-foot tall monument. The Victorienteers have produced a detailed map of the trails and parkland (scale 1:3,000). Beach Drive divides the park into the Uplands area and the Cattle Point area.

Cattle Point overlooks the waters of Oak Bay and the Salish Sea.  Discovery and Chatham islands dominate the view to the east lie in Haro Strait, while the Chain Islands and Mary Tod Island lie to the south which forms the area called Juan de Fuca Strait.  At low tides the rocks are exposed to display the barnacles and seaweeds.  Boats moored at the Oak Bay Marina fill the bay to southwest.  As part of the Scenic Drive through the Victoria area, a geographic marker provides eleven direction and distance indicators.  The Kiwanis International Club established the marker.

Geographical location N48º 26’ 21” W123º 17’ 54”

The best way to get to Uplands Park is from Beach Drive on the east shore of Oak Bay.  Parking is available at the Cattle Point viewing area.  Some street parking is available on Midland or Dorest roads that border the park. There is limited parking along Beach Drive.


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