Dellwood Park

Dellwood Park is in the seaside community of Esquimalt, one of thirteen communities in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. The fifteen concrete stairs lead to a small concrete view point over the waters of the Gorge Waterway. There is no water access from this platform but there is a bench. There are several tall conifers trees that provide shade as well as several shrubs. This could be a good spot to bird watch or rest on the view point and gaze out onto the Gorge Waterway. Canadian geese, great blue herons and about one hundred and fifty other bird species might be seen on the Gorge Waterway. This waterway is part of the Victoria Harbor Migratory Nature Sanctuary established in nineteen twenty three. This park was named after the subdivision of the panhandle in nineteen sixty-eight which required public access to the water.

Geographical Location 48º 27’  123º 24’ 52”

Dellwood Park can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy1) Exit onto Admirals Road to head south. At the junction with Craigflower Road turn right. Continue along Craigflower to reach Dellwood Road. Turn right onto Dellwood and look the stairs at the end of the road. There is very limited street parking. Buses travel along Craigflower Road.


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