McNaughton Green Space


McNaughton Green Space is in the seaside community of Esquimalt, one of thirteen communities in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Located at the end of McNaughton Road, this green space provides access to the waters of the Gorge Waterway, part of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Salish Sea. Stroll along the concrete pathway curves down to a raised platform. This concrete platform has two benches and a chain link railing. Enjoy the view over a small bay of the Gorge Waterway. There often is marine mammals, birds and insects to be seen. This bay is part of the Victoria Harbor Migratory Bird Sanctuary, formed in nineteen twenty three. There are several private docks and moored vessels. The pathway is bordered by an arbutus tree, juniper shrubs and rose bushes. This is a lovely viewpoint. This green space and street were, perhaps, named for Ann Cecilia McNaughton Spofford, a Victoria school trustee, teacher and suffragist in the late eighteen hundreds. Kinsmen Gorge Park is nearby.

Geographical Location 48º 26’ 41” 123º 23’ 55”

McNaughton Green Space can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy1). Exit onto Tillicum Road to head south. After the bridge over the Gorge Waterway, take the next left onto McNaughton Road. Continue to the end of McNaughton Road. There is street parking. Buses travel along Tillicum and Craigflower Road.

Additional Information in the book Paddling Through History Vancouver and Victoria British Columbia

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