Armstrong Point Beach Accesses

Armstrong Point Beach Accesses are in the seaside town of Sidney, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Armstrong Point lies along the northeastern shore of Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island. Composed of Wrangellia intrusive rocks, island and west coast type, the granodiorite rocky beach along the shores that form Armstrong Point provide views of islands in Haro Strait and the Salish Sea. Enjoy watching the harbor seals and cormorants that sunbath on the rock marked with a navigation marker. This marker lies on Graham Rock. Further away from the point are the wave washed collection of islets near Coal Island and the Shell Islands. Armstrong Point is near the entrance into Tseham Harbor with its many yachts and vessels collected in marinas, along wharfs or at anchor.  This area has been part of the Shoal Bay Migratory Bird Sancturary since the early nineteen hundreds. Part of Armstrong Point is also composed of sedimentary rocks of the Nanaimo Group. This headland separates Roberts Bay from Tseham Harbour.  Roberts Bay is shallow bay that has extensive mudflats at low tides. It is an amazing area for observing marine organisms. There are several beach access points that are easily explored by foot. The many of the roadways and pathways areas have tall Douglas and grand fir trees. While the area has been landscaped to suit the needs of the property owners there are several areas that are green spaces for public access. These pathways and their viewpoints make for a good stroll around Armstrong Point.

Geographical location N48º 40″ 5″ W123º 24′ 10″


Leave your car near Resthaven Park and walk southeast along the sidewalk past the condominium and toward the convenience store located on Harbour Road.  Follow Harbour Road to explore the shops, marinas, and boat yards.  There are some excellent stores and restaurants along this road. There is also a Mountain Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) tree, a Sidney tree of significance near 2320 Harbour Road.

Continue your walk to the end of Harbour Road or turn onto Bowden Road to connect with All Bay Road. Both Harbour Road and Bowden Road terminate with a public beach access point. Harbour Road beach access overlooks the entrance to Tseham Harbors and the breakwater of Van Isle Marina that extends off Thumb Point. It is an excellent place to view the yachts that transit Tseham Harbour. Bowden Road’s public beach access overlooks Roberts Bay Bird Sanctuary, a protected area since 1931. Roberts Bay is home to many birds and animals. It is also used by migratory birds and is a good place to observe both local and traveling birds.

Continue along All Bay Road and walk along to reach Armstrong Point. Watch for the beach access signs at Bowden Road, Lyme Grove and Big Rock. Make room for cars as there is no sidewalk along this part of All Bay Road.

Give yourself at least 30 minutes to walk the Armstrong Point area; more time if you want to enjoy the boats, eateries and shops along Harbour Road:  Resthaven Store, Waypoint Marine Chandlery, Bosun’s Landing, Gartside Marine, National Park Reserve of Canada offices and maintenance, Blue Peter Marina, Spencers Marine Supply and Consignment, The Latch Country Inn and Restaurant, SeaGlass Waterfront Grill, VanIsle Marina and Starfish Inspired Fare. The bus that travels along Resthaven Drive can drop you off near Resthaven Park.


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