Eastview Park


Eastview Park in the seaside community of Sidney, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This small waterfront park, about 2200 square meters, hosts panoramic ocean views, lovely gardens and unique outdoor art. The view of the ocean waters of the Salish Sea are breathtaking. Look over the waters of Sidney Channel with Sidney Island, James Island, Forest Island, Dock Island and the Shell Island group from Eastview Park with the green hedges and lovely gardens in the foreground. The view of Mt Baker in Washington State adds to the view on those sunshine filled days.. The cedar hedge is well manicured as it’s the grass covered area. The gardens provide the setting for the outdoor art sculptures which will captivate you with unique sights and sounds. The Water Front Walkway passes along the shore line and the Bevan Wharf allows access over the water. There are a few benches that encourage lingering longer or stroll along the Waterfront Walkway northward to Beacon Park or southward toward Tulista Park and the Anacortes Ferry Terminal.

Geographical location N48º 38″ 5″ W123º 23′ 38″


Eastview Park can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1). Exit Hwy1 onto McKenzie Avenue to reach the Pat Bay Highway (Hwy 17). Head north along Hwy17 as it leads past the airport to reach Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula.  Turn at Beacon Avenue exit and continue to the traffic circle on the end. Turn right onto First Street then make a left turn onto Bevan Avenue. This road curves to become Eastiew Drive where there is parking. Several buses pass by along Fifth Avenue about five blocks from the walkway.


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