Twin Flower Park


Twin Flower Park is in the community of the Highlands, one of thirteen communities in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. As the Highland’s park with a playground, baseball diamond, walking trail, horse riding ring and bicycle jump, Twin Flower Park can be a busy place. Located next to the Caleb Pike Fire Hall, the playground with a woodchip base includes a slide, swings and climbing structures. There are also picnic tables and benches as well as toilets nearby. The large grassy field that forms the baseball diamond is partially fenced and provides access to Twin Flower Park trail that leads around the wetlands in the park. Much of the rough trail is along the swampland so bring appropriate foot wear.  If you are quiet enough you should hear the frogs in the evening. The bench along the trail is a great spot to watch for redwing blackbirds. This trail can be accessed from Caleb Pike Road across from Highlands Park Terrace as well as from Deerfield Terrace. Twin Flower Park hosts an admirable dirt bicycle jump area. Across Caleb Pike Road, near the junction with Highland Park Terrace is a horse-riding ring with barrels and jumps, which is maintained by the Highlands Horse Club.

Geographical location N48°30’36” W123°31’25”

Twin Flower Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Take the Millstream exit (Exit 14) off the TransCanada Highway and remain on Millstream Road until you reach Caleb Pike Road. The Pike House is to the right whereas the Fire Hall and Twin Flower Park are to the left. The park is beside the Fire Hall and the small parking lot is accessed just past the Fire Hall’s driveway off Millstream Road. Turn left onto Caleb Pike Road to reach the horse riding ring which is at the corner of Caleb Pike Road and Highland Park Terrace. There is limited roadside parking along either road. If you continue down Caleb Pike Road you will reach the gravel parking lots for the Gowlland-Tod Provincial Park and Pike Hill Park, two terrific places to hike.


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