Chow-Nicoll Park

Chow-Nicoll Park is in the seaside community of the Highlands, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Chow-Nicoll Park protects the riparian area of a portion of Millstream Creek. At about one and half hectares, this park is a natural parkland along the ravine of Millstream Creek. The rough trail is bordered by sword and licorice ferns, Oregon grape and salal and covered by the canopy of second growth trees. Some of the trees in this area include Western red cedars, big leaf maple and Douglas-fir trees. Arbutus and grand fir trees are also seen along the natural trail.

Geographical location N48°28’48” W123°30’43”

Chow-Nicoll Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Leave the highway using Exit 14 and head northward on Millstream Road. Stay on Millstream Road until you pass into the Highlands from Langford; there should be a district sign that indicates the boundary. The park is located off of the junctions of Millstream Road with both River Road and Hanington Road. There is very limited parking along River Road and some roadside parking along Hanington Road just before the bridge.


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