David Spencer Park

David Spencer Park, Oaklands, Victoria, BCDavid Spencer Park is in the city of Victoria, B.C., one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. At almost two hectares, David Spencer Park is a good size soccer or rugby field. It also has room for rousing games of ultimate frisbee. The park was named to commemorate the entrepreneur who built nine Spencer retail stores during the eighteen hundreds. The downtown store at 1150 Douglas Street was sold with all the others to Eaton’s Stores in the mid nineteen hundreds. Oaklands Park lies a block east of David Spencer Park while the Oaklands Greenway Loop starts near the Oaklands School. There are large Garry oak trees along the perimeter of this parkland.

Geographic position N48° 26′ 24″ W123° 20′ 17″

David Spencer Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Turn east onto Hillside Avenue and continue to Belmont Avenue. Turn south on Belmont Avenue and turn left onto Ryan Street. This park lies between Victor and Forbes Street, both with limited roadside parking. A bus travels along Hillside Avenue from downtown to the University of Victoria.


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