Newton Green Space

Newton Green Space is in the seaside city of Victoria, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. The road right of way of Newton Street is a linear green space that connects to Shelbourne Street Green Space. The concrete pathway leads between 2733 and 2751 Shelbourne Street and is shaded by hedge trees from the home and apartment complex that borders the footpath. The Spirit Garden is a few houses eastward along Newton Street. Oaklands Park is across Shelbourne Street as its David Spencer Park and Oaklands Greenway Loop.

Geographic coordinates N48° 26′ 20″ W123° 20′

Newton Street Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the highway as it becomes Douglas Street.  Turn east onto Bay Street and continue to Shelbourne Street. Turn left onto Shelbourne Street and look for the discrete pathway between the private home and the large apartment building just past King Street. There is limited roadside parking on Shelbourne Street. City buses travel along both Shelbourne Street and Richmond Road.


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