Garbally Landing Green Space

Garbally Landing Green Space near water feature Garbally Landing Green Space 5

Garbally Landing Green Space is in the city of Victoria, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Garbally Landing Green Space has a landscaped pathway along the Selkirk Waterfront near Jutlands Road. This small polygon shaped parkland, about 800 square meters, is on the eastern side of the Gorge Waterway and overlooks Rocky Bay. Its name comes from the homestead of the Woods family who settled here in the mid eighteen hundreds. This green space was rehabilitated in the early nineteen nineties from previous industrial use. A concrete walkway passes in front of the 401 office building with a view for the bay. Enjoy the weeping willows and shrubs as you stroll along. Watch the kayakers, paddle boarders, rowers and other watercraft navigate the ocean waters as well as tugs pushing  barges of metal and material from the recycling facilities along the southern side Rocky Bay. The Selkirk Waterfront of the Victoria Harbour is the merger point with the Gorge Waterway as it lies between Point Ellice and Chapman Point. This area continues to be a working waterfront for many marine and transportation activities. The ninety meter trail loops back Garbally Road sidewalk to continue a stroll along Steamcrane Quay of the SawMill Point Green Space. To further extend your walk in your backyard, continue past SawMill Point toward the Selkirk Trestle and Galloping Goose Regional Trail. Here you can head south to cross the trestle and visit Banfield Park. Selkirk Green, Cecelia Cove Park and Viaduct are also nearby. The Victoria Heritage Foundation has further information on the Selkirk area.


Geographic coordinate N48° 26’ 22” W123° 22’ 36”


Garbally Landing can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the highway as it becomes Douglas Street. Turn west onto Hillside Avenue and continue onto Gorge Road East at the five way intersection with Douglas and Government Street. Continue on Gorge Road East to Garbally Road. The walkway starts along the waterside of Garbally Road as it merges with Jutland Road in front of 401 Jutland Road. There is limited roadside parking along these roads. A city bus travels along Gorge Road East from downtown.



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