Banfield Commons Garden

Banfield Commons Garden is a located on the parkland on Banfield Park. Curiously, it is located adjacent to Rayn Or Shine allotment and common gardens bed. The difference between the two is that Banfield Commons Garden is messy, or messier. As a permaculture food garden the plant material is buried in the soil or left as a cover to return nutrients to the ground. A common technique is limit the amount of water a garden needs it to use dead plant material, or mulch to cover the grounds around the plants. The garden contains a variety of herbs, food plants as well as some fruit trees and shrubs. The commons garden is open for harvest…you just need to get there first.


Geographic coordinates N48° 26’ 12” W123° 23’ 15”


Banfield Commons Garden can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the highway as it becomes Douglas Street. Turn west onto Bay Street and continue across the Ellice Point Bridge. At the first lights turn right onto Skinner Street (a sharp right puts you onto Tyee Road). Skinner Street turns to become Craigflower Road a couple of blocks along. Banfield Park is on the right of the Craigflower Road as you reach Raynor Street. This garden is located between the tennis courts and the parking lot. There is limited roadside parking. A city bus travels along Craigflower Road from downtown.


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