Holland Point Park

Holland Point Park 6 Holland Point Park pond reflection

Holland Point Park is in the seaside city of Victoria, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Holland Point Park is a water front park in Victoria, B.C, along the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the Salish Sea. It encompasses over five hectares within the James Bay community of the city of Victoria, on southern Vancouver Island. The concrete sidewwalk along Dallas Road from Douglas to Boyd Street is about a thousand meters. This roadside sidewalk is often left to the uninitiated as the paved ridge trail, only a hundred meters longer, is refreshing, both for the view and the west winds. If you enjoy an even more scenic and adventurous route, follow the shoreline when the tide is low enough. The length of this lower route can be up to several hundred meters longer due to the staircases and sloped access points to the ridge trail. This popular nature park has many benches along the ridge pathway. Views from the ridge are across waters near Brotchie Ledge to the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, USA. The landscape on the ridge is mostly uncut grass covered area with a few trails mowed though it. The trees are mostly small elms intermixed with Himalayan blackberries and wild rose bushes. There are also several Garry oak and shore pine trees.

Holland Point Park borders along Beacon Hill Park near Mile Zero and Finlayson Point. Named after a seaman and school teacher George Holland, Holland Point Park hosts a small duck pond, called the Model Yacht Pond; it is a sight to see the various remotely navigated ships, tugs and vessels ply the waters of the pond. There are picnic tables and play equipment as well as toilets. The expanse of the Holland Point Park is a meadow with tall grasses and is adorned with the paired outdoor art works called the glass-half-full completed by artist Tyler Hodgins. Odgen Point Walkway, MacDonald Park, Todd Park, Lewis Street Park, Lewis Twentysix Green Space, Menzies Sixtyfour Green Space and Beacon Hill Park  are nearby should you have more time to explore the James Bay community.

Geographic coordinates N48° 24′ 34” W123° 22′ 22″

Holland Point Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the highway as it becomes Douglas Street. Continue to Mile Zero at Dallas Road. At Dallas Road turn right and go about three blocks to see the small pond. There is limited roadside parking along Dallas Road. City buses travels through James Bay area near this park.


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