Kingston Superior Green Space

Kingston Superior Green Space 2

Kingston Superior Green Space 5

Kingston Superior Green Space is in the seaside city of Victoria, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This green space is a pathway that connects Kingston Street and Superior Street in James Bay, Victoria, B.C. It is bordered by wooden fenced with large shade trees of the bordering residential homes. A unique wall mural is painted on the convenience store wall that forms part of the border. Kingston Street Walkway is across Kingston Street and connects to David Foster Way, a shoreline route along Victoria’s harbour. Fisherman’s Wharf Park, Heron Street Green Space, the Canadian Coast Guard Rooftop Garden and Green Space, Ogden Point Park and Walkway, Laurel Point Park, MacDonald Park, Earnest Todd Park, James Bay Community School Green Space, Todd Park, and James Bay Allotment Garden are all nearby.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 18” W123° 22′ 45″

Kingston Superior Green Space can be reached the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the highway as it becomes Douglas Street then turn left onto Superior Street. The green space is accessible near the convenience store near Superior and St Lawrence streets. There is limited roadside parking in this area. City buses travel along Douglas Street.


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