Cains Trail – Matheson Lake Park


Cains Trail – Matheson Lake Park is in the seaside Juan de Fuca Electoral Area and is bordered by Sooke and lies in East Sooke. This trail is part of the Matheson Lake Park yet it is included in the section about Sooke. Both Sooke and the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area are part of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Cains Ways is named after Dick Cains who developed the Mount Matheson Estates. Cains Trail is more often referred to as Mount Matheson Trail as it leads to Matheson Lake. This is a steep trail descents two hundred and sixty meters down the hillside to Matheson Lake about one and half kilometers. The trail is rough and has switchbacks to ease the legs. The slopes of the mountain side have tall Douglas fir trees and exposed rocks. The views are across the lake to the slopes of Sooke Hanger neighborhood. To reach the actual summit of Mount Matheson continue along Cains Way to reach Ambience Place. Follow Ambience Place to the turnabout. There is rough foot path on the left that leads to the summit. This is an energetic walk in your back yard.

Geographical location N48º 21’ 36”  W123º 39’ 33”

Cains Trail – Matheson Lake Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Take the Langford Parkway exit and follow along to reach Sooke Road (Hwy 14). Turn right to follow highway 14 westward to Gillespie Road. Turn left onto Gillespie Road to turn left onto Mont Matheson Road. Then turn left onto Cains Way and continue to the end. There parking in the turnabout of the street. Allow about half an hour of driving time to reach the parking lot. City buses travel along the Gillespie Road during weekdays. Alternatively drive to Matheson Lake Regional Park by continuing along Gillespie to Rock Point Road. Turn onto Matheson Lake Park Road and park in the parking lot. The trail on the left side of the parking area leads toward the Cains Trail and is about a kilometer long. Hiking around the entire lake is about three and half kilometers. Enjoy this walk in your back yard.

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