George May Park

George May Park is in the municipality of Central Saanich, one of the thirteen which form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Located on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island, this two and half hectare nature park has a proposal for a trail along the creek. Graham Creek flows through the parkland and connects with Hagan Creek to drain into Brentwood Bay at Hagan Bight and Saanich Inlet. The Hagan-Graham watershed is an important water system in Central Saanich. The riparian area of Graham Creek in the park is second growth Douglas fir forest with many ferns, small shrubs and plants. The creek waters once hosted cutthroat trout and other aquatic life. This nature park was named after George May. This is a good place to walk in your backyard.

Geographical location N48º 35’ 28” W 123º 25’ 35”

George May Park can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway, Highway One. Exit on to Mackenzie Avenue to reach Highway 17, the Pat Bay Highway.  Continue along Highway 17 to reach Mount Newton Cross Road. Turn left onto Mount Newton Cross Road and follow along to reach Wallace Drive. Turn left onto Wallace Drive to reach Cultra Avenue. Turn right onto Cultra Avenue to reach Blackglama Place. Turn left onto Blackglama Place and look for the park access between 7710 and 7706 (this is not easily noticed). An alternative access to the park is from the end of Cultra Road along the roadway to homes 1701 and 1721. There is limited roadside parking.


2 thoughts on “George May Park

  1. Hello there, just wanted to let you know that there is no way into the park from Blackgama Place. Someone has dumped there compost and hedge/tree trimmings over the edge and it is impossible to get in there. I suppose if Central Saanich decides to put a trail in then it might be possible.

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