Muirfield Place Green Space

Muirfield Place Green Space is in the Bear Mountain neighborhood of Langford, B.C. A long sloped concrete pathway with several staircases traverses thorough this green space. There are six stairs that form the first set of stair followed by three sets of stairs with four, ten and eight stairs each. The concrete pathway continues a short distance past the top of the stairs then becomes a narrow gravel footpath. The route connects Bear Mountain Parkway with Muirfield Place. A small grove of arbutus trees lies near the pathway. Most of the park land is covered with Scotch broom and other plants that grow on disturbed soils. Nichlaus Park, Nicklaus Park East, Hannington Park, Troon Park, Bear Mountain Bike Park, Highland Valley Trail, Skirt Mountain Trail, Canada Cup Trail, Natures Gate Park and Muirfield Park are nearby.

Geographic location N48° 28’29” W123°31 33”

Muirfield Place Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream Road and turn left onto Bear Mountain Parkway. Continue along BMP to reach Nichlaus Drive. Turn left onto Nichlaus Drive then right onto Muirfield Place. The green space and footpath is on the right near the end of the road. There is limited parking along Muirfield Place.


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