Spencer’s Pond Park

Spencer Middle School GS  pond

Spencer’s Pond Park is in the Langford Lake area of Langford, B.C. The nature park is about half a hectare in size and is a seasonal wetland. The water in the pond can reach a depth of over a meter during the rainy season on Vancouver Island yet become completely dry during summer months. There is limited to no access to this nature area. The flora and fauna in this area was diverse; mayflies, giant water bugs, diving beetles, salamanders and the pacific tree frogs as well as bats and some migratory birds have been seen in Spencer’s Pond. The two thousand and ten construction of Leigh Road has significantly altered the wetlands as the removal of forest and creation of the rocky drainage ponds for the road has affected the water levels. Florence Lake Park, Savory Park, Langford Lake North Park, Spencer Middle School Green Space, Centennial Park and Hartsdale Donna Green space are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 27’5” W123° 31’ 3”


Spencer’s Pond Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Leigh Road exit and head south to reach Goldstream Avenue. The park is on the right across from 2760 Leigh Road. There is a small gravel parking area on the east side of Leigh Road that has limited access. City buses travel along Goldstream Avenue.


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