Happy Valley Elementary School Green Space

Happy Valley Elementary School Green Space is in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Langford, B.C. This green space is on the western slope of Triangular Hill where a large grass covered sports field was created with the new school building. There are a couple of playgrounds and a partial basketball court. The playgrounds are near the northwest side of the Sooke School District 62 building built in 2006 with reconfiguration in 2010. The smaller colorful playground is for the youngest children at the school and has a low platform with a slide and variety of climbing, swinging and other play structures set on a wood chip base. The other play area consists of several different structures including a swing set with six swings. A climbing apparatus with slide and three rectangular monkey bar contraptions. The basketball court is on the eastside of the school yard is partially covered with a portable classroom. A chain-link fence surrounds the school yard with several parking areas. The green space is available outside of school hours. This green space has been school grounds since nineteen twelve when a single building housed the teacher and her students. The school was named area which was named for the atmosphere that early pioneers brought to the area in the late eighteen hundreds. Weaver Park, Weaver Green Space, Ed Fisher Memorial Park, Ernhill Park, Isabell Green Space, Sedgwick Park, Luxton Park, Fisher’s Pond Park, Galloping Goose Trail – Langford  and Glen Lake Park are nearby.


Geographic location N48° 25’44”  W123°31’45”


Happy Valley Elementary School Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn off Hwy1 at the Millstream and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. Continue along VMP to reach Sooke Road. Turn right onto Sooke Road and continue to Happy Valley Road. Follow Happy Valley Road to reach the school grounds. There is a pedestrian access from Weaver Place to the school yard. The grass field can be reached from Weaver Green Space, Blueberry Lane and Acadian Road. There is limited roadside parking this area. City buses travel along Happy Valley Road.


See the Happy Valley Elementary School website for a summary of the history of the school.


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