Bob Mountain Park


Bob Mountain Park is in the District of Metchosin, a coastal community in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This park is a long narrow area that includes a steep sloped section that leads down toward the Matheson Lake Regional Park and the Galloping Goose Trail. Selectively logged in the early nine hundreds, the forest is composed of cedars, Douglas fir and ferns.  Grasses, mosses and smaller plants cover areas around exposed rock. This five hundred and sixteen meter long forest trail drops about 40 meters down along its path toward Matheson Lake Regional Park. Bob Mountain Park is about twenty meters wide along most of its length. Its rough trail is bordered by the homesteads on both sides.  The trailhead is along Liberty Drive near Metchosin Wilderness Park and Buckbush Swamp Park. The upper section is well trodden by dog walkers, hikers and mountain bikers. There is no hilltop in this park called Bob Mountain yet there is a one hundred and forty meter high peak within the parkland that appears unnamed on most maps. Matheson Lake Regional Park, the Galloping Goose Trail – Metchosin, Buckbrush Swamp Park, Metchosin Wilderness Park and Montreal Hill Park are nearby.

Geographical location N48º 21’ 58” W123º 34’ 53”

Bob Mountain Park can be reached from the TransCanada Highway (Hwy 1) when you exit at the Millstream /Veteran Memorial Parkway exit. Head south along the Veteran Memorial Parkway to reach Latoria Road. Turn right onto Latoria Road and continue along to reach Happy Valley Road. Turn left onto Happy Valley Road and then right onto Rocky Point Road. Continue along Rocky Point Road to reach Liberty Drive. Turn right onto Liberty Drive and follow along the curves in the road to reach Woodley Ghyll Drive. Turn left onto Woodley Ghyll Drive and look for the trail marker at the intersection. There is a partially covered shelter on this corner with limited roadside parking. City buses travel along Happy Valley Road and Rocky Point Road.


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