Lokier Gardens

20171118_113828 (2)

Formed by two lots on the corner of a five-corner junction, Lokier Gardens was named after the Oak Bay’s citizen Mr. Thomas I. Lokier whom donated his time and energy to enhance the original park. The park was rededicated in nineteen sixty three, twelve years earlier Mr. Lokier designed the gate to the garden.  The Lokier Gardens contains rose beds surrounded by cedars, blue spruce, daisies, lilies and green meadows.  The garden benches provide a sheltered respite in the dynamic and busy corner market area. It is a wonderful place to visit in every season. An unusual outdoor sculpture featuring optical frames and a large nose provide a unique view of the park. Created by the artist Ronald Simmer and titled “What the Nose Knows” this outdoor art is part an outdoor art exhibit in Oak Bay. Camas Trail Green Space, Willows Beach Park, Uplands Park, Carnarvon Park and Willows Elementary School Green Space are nearby.

Geographic Location N48º 26’ 16”  W123º 18’ 30”

Lokier Garden is located on the corners of Thompson and Estevan avenues, Musgrave, and Hamiota streets.  From the TransCanda Hwy turn east onto Hillside Avenue and continue as it become Lansdowne Road. Turn right onto reach Cadboro Bay Road. Turn left onto either Estevan or Thompson avenues.  Some street parking is available is available along the parkland. City buses travel past this park along Cadboro Bay Road.


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