Lampson School Green Space


Lampson School Green Space is in the seaside community of Esquimalt, one of thirteen communities in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This one hectare green space has been a school yard since the early nineteen hundreds. The building was constructed during the time when there was segregation of the genders for attendance as noted by the boys and girls entrances into this two story brick building. Lampson School was closed for regular attendance for several years although has been occupied by other schools in the area while their school buildings undergo redevelopment. This green space is only accessible outside of school hours. The green space has many tall Garry oak trees, two playgrounds and benches in many areas. One playground has climbing apparatus while the other is fenced with additional play equipment. There are several granite rocky outcroppings with grass covered areas surrounding them. The asphalt areas are marked for hopscotch, basketball and four corners. The green space is fenced with a chain-link fencing. Highrock Cairn Park and Ecole Victor Brodeur Green Space are nearby.

Geographical Location N48º 25’ 58” W123º 24’ 16”

Lampson School Green Space can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway when you turn southward onto Tillicum Road.  Follow Tillicum Road as it curves along to become Lampson Street. Follow Lampson Street to the lights at Old Esquimalt Road. Turn right onto old Esquimalt Road and then take immediate left into the parking area of the school. This entrance may be gated. There is limited street parking in this residential neighborhood. City buses travel along Lampson Street.

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Victoria: Crown Jewel of British Columbia including Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Saanich and the Peninsula


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