Westsong Walkway, Esquimalt, BC


Westsong Walkway is in the seaside community of Esquimalt, one of thirteen communities in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This shoreline walk, developed in nineteen eighty, has several names including Songhees Walkway and West Bay Walkway. This is a very popular and breathtaking walk at any time of the year. The entire length is three kilometers and can be accessed from most roads from Head Street in Esquimalt to Esquimalt Road that leads into Victoria West of the City of Victoria. It is the western section of the walkway that lies in Esquimalt that is described here. For further information on the rest of walkway read the write-up Westsong Walkway, Victoria, B.C.


The Westsong walkway is composed of asphalt, concrete and boardwalks to form the four hundred meter long section that lies within Esquimalt. It is wheel chair accessible. The walkway passes near the West Bay Marina with wharves of pleasure yachts and float houses. The walkway provides an amazing view of the outer, inner and middle harbor areas of Victoria. The Olympic Mountains in Washington State make for a picturesque backdrop for photographs of harbor ferries and float planes. There is a privy near the parking area of Head Street where the pathway starts. This area has benches and grass covered picnic areas to enjoy the sights and sounds of the busy marina. The pathway perimeter is landscaped with colorful plantings. Continuing along, the pathway widens and becomes terraced as a boardwalk. This is area has several benches and viewpoints. Continue walking east as the pathway narrows and is shaded by Garry oak trees, ocean spray and hardhack shrubs. At lower tides the mud flats that were formed by sediments that have accumulated in the bay, are exposed. These mud flat are host to a huge variety of organisms including raccoons, blue herons, seals, river otters and many migratory birds. The walkway is in the Victoria Harbor Migratory Bird Sanctuary that was formed in 1923. Continuing along the boardwalk leads past a granite outcropping.  The walkway up into the Matson Conservation Area can be accessed from along the walkway. The path continue to the junction with the section that leads into the City of Victoria’s Community of Vic West. If you have time continue along to view some unique features of the harbor with various flora and fauna.


Geographical Location N48º 25’ 42” W123º 23’ 56”


Westsong Walkway can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy1). Exit onto Tillicum Road to head south. At the junction with Craigflower Road continue along as the road curves to become Lampson Street. Follow Lampson to Esquimalt Road. Turn left onto Esquimalt Road then turn right onto Head Street. Take a left into the parking area for West Bay Park that lies between Dunsmuir and Gore streets. The walkway lies on the north side of the marina. Buses travel along Esquimalt Road about two blocks to the north. Additional bus routes are along Dunmuir, Gore, and Lyall as well as other streets from Esquimalt Road.

Additional information:

Fodor’s Vancouver and Victoria


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