Phil Ross Park


Phil Ross Park is in the seaside community of Esquimalt, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This is a small park near Highrock Cairn Park.  There are a few benches beneath the Garry Oak and Douglas fir trees in this park.  This park has an asphalt pathway, about one hundred meters long that connects Old Esquimalt Road with Fernhill Road.  This park is named to honor Reverend Philip Ross, of the United Church, whom was an Esquimalt Councilor during the nineteen eighties.


Geographical Location N48º 25’ 56” W24’ 27”


Phil Ross Park can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway when you turn southward onto Tillicum Road.  Follow Tillicum Road as it curves along to become Lampson Street. Turn right at the lights at Old Esquimalt Road and look for the park on the left.  The park is near house 1175.  You can take the bus that travels along Lampson Street, to Old Esquimalt Road and walk down the road to the park.

Interesting information

Click to access esq-walktour04_web_2015.pdf

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