Rathdown Park


Rathdown Park is in the seaside community of Sidney, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Rathdown Park is an unusual 20-gon or icosagon shaped park in a quiet residential area. The asphalt pedestrian walkway lies along the longest side of the icosagon; about two hundred and seventy meters long. The walkway curves to connect with Ardwell Ave over a distance of about ninety meters. This makes it good place to learn to ride a bicycle. There are large grass covered areas and a small baseball diamond as well as play equipment including swings. These play areas have a pea gravel and sand base. It is a wonderful place for a rest or picnic as there are several benches and picnic tables for your enjoyment. The walkway through the park is mostly along the fence of the neighboring homes. There are few trees in this urban park those include deciduous trees such as London plane and a few conifers including Douglas firs. The perimeter of the park along Calvin Avenue and Bowerbank has a low chain link fence. The rest of fencing in the park is formed mostly by neighborhood fences of various types with a low chain link fence. Beaver Park, Melville Park, Roberts Bay Ecological Reserve, Armstrong Point Beach Accesses and Resthaven Park are nearby.


Geographical location N48º 39″ 36″ W123º 24′ 36″


Rathdown Park can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1). Exit Hwy1 onto McKenzie Avenue to reach the Pat Bay Highway (Hwy 17). Head north along Hwy17 as it leads past the airport to reach Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula.  Turn at the MacDonald Park Road exit and follow the road to the four way stop. Turn right onto Resthaven Drive. Follow Resthaven Drive to Bowerbank Road which is across from All Bay Parking area for Tsehum Harbour. Follow Bowerbank Road to Calvin Street and look for Rathdown Park on the left. The park lies on the corner of Bowerbank and Calvin Street. There are pedestrian access pathways from most of the bordering streets including Ardwell Avenue off of which Menagh Place, Booth Place, have park access pathway. Cleveland Road, Rathdown Place, Magnolia Place and Azelia Place are accessible from Calvin Avenue also have walkways to Rathdown Park.   A bus travels along a section of Bowerbank Road and along Ardwell Avenue.

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