Mermaid Park

Mermaid Park is in the seaside community of Sidney, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This small neighborhood park is a grass covered area that has a swing set. The swings have a pea gravel base. There are several trees and shrubs in this park and a couple of benches to relax and enjoy the quiet neighborhood. The park is fenced with a split cedar fence along the roadside. The fences from the neighboring homes line the border of the rest of the park. The park can be accessed from both Amelia and Fifth Street pathways. Mermaid Creek flows under the park to form an estuary on Roberts Bay, part of the Sidney Channel and Salish Sea. The seventy six hectare urban watershed of Mermaid Creek is mostly underground and formed from storm drains. It drains a low lying area from Hwy 17 to Henry Road. The waters that form this creek are mostly from storm waters while the creek itself is about four hundred meters long. The Mermaid Creek estuary provides significant fresh water and soils that form a nutrient rich delta on the south side of Roberts Bay. This creek, estuary and delta are part of the Shoal Harbor Migratory Bird Sanctuary that was formed in nineteen thirty-one. Third and Fifth Street Green Spaces are eastward Amelia Street.

Geographical location N48º 39″ 31″ W123º 24′ 6″


Mermaid Park can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1). Exit Hwy1 onto McKenzie Avenue to reach the Pat Bay Highway (Hwy 17). Head north along Hwy17 as it leads past the airport to reach Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula.  Turn at Beacon Avenue to head east then turn left onto Resthaven Drive. Follow Resthaven Drive to Amelia Street and turn right. Look for Mermaid Park on the left before the junction with 5th Street.  The park can also be accessed from Lovell Street off of 5th Street. City buses travel along Resthaven Drive.


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