Lorimer Highland Park Terrace Green Space

The Lorimer Highland Park Terrace Green Space is in the seaside community of the Highlands, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. The rural nature of this green space makes it an excellent place to explore the outdoors. This linear park is mostly a narrow trail surrounded by forest and neighboring homes. While its length is only a few hundred meters it allows you to enjoy the forested area of the Highland with ease. The trail provides access between Lorimer Road and Highland Park Terrace. Twin Flower Park, Pike Hill Park and Gowlland Tod Park are nearby.

Geographical location N48° 30’19” W123°31’31”

Lorimer Highland Park Terrace Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Head northwest, onto Millstream Road (Exit 14), off the Trans Canada Highway. Remain on Millstream Road to Lorimer Road. Turn left onto Lorimer Road and follow it to the end where the trail starts and the road ends. There is limited roadside parking in this quiet neighborhood. Alternatively, stay on Millstream Road until you reach the next road, Caleb Pike Road, then turn left. You should see Pike House, the Fire Hall and Twin Flower Park near this intersection. Continue on Caleb Pike Road until you reach Highland Park Terrace. Turn left and drive along past the horse riding-ring. The trail can be hard to spot from this road. Again there is limited roadside parking along the Terrace.


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