Stewart Mountain Park

Stewart Mountain Park is in the seaside community of the Highlands, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This is a natural park located behind properties along Steward Mountain Road and is part of The Lands Conservancy. This land is protected by a conservation covenant agreement between TLC and the District of the Highlands.  Surrounded by coastal Douglas-fir flora and fauna, the rough trail in the easement between private properties is obscure. The trail is narrow and irregular yet the surroundings are peaceful, exactly what you would expect as you stroll the rural areas of the Highlands. Enjoy the large sword ferns, shiny green salal, mosses and lichens framed by the towering cedar and Douglas-fir trees. The terrain is moss covered so be aware of where you step. Crows, ravens, squirrels, deer and the occasional eagle and vulture can be spotted in this area. The park covers almost twenty hectares and the trail connects to the northern areas of Thetis Lake Park that is the Steward Mountain and Scafe Hill trails.

Geographical Location

You can get to Stewart Mountain Road Park from Highway One. Turn left at Exit 14 onto Millstream Road. Stay on this road,heading northward, until you reach Steward Mountain Road, which is just after the hydropower transmission towers and lines. Turn right onto Steward Mountain Road and follow the curves in the road looking for the homes’ number 632 and 636 to locate the trail. There is limited road side parking. If you continue to the end of this road you reach the Thetis Lake – Stewart Mountain trailheads.


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