Oswald Park

Oswald Park is surrounded by residential homes in the quiet Hillside neighborhood of Victoria. This neighborhood is also considered part of the Oaklands Community and is wonder place to explore in your back yards. Oswald Park has an large grassy area that provides room for field sports and for throwing a ball for your dog. This 1.2 hectare park has a four hundred meter paved walking path along its perimeter and a pathway across the park. The play equipment is an elaborate set with a spiral side, various ladders and monkey bars. Fun! Another paved area has an unpaired basketball hoop and backboard opposite a chain-link hockey net. A volleyball court is set up on the grassy area near here. There are also picnic tables and many benches to rest at. A cedar fence along the diagonal pathway provides separation for the off leash area for dogs. There are a few Garry Oak trees and other plantings to enjoy in this wonderful urban park. A beautiful mosaic is located centrally in this park.Oswald Park outdoor mosaic art, Victoria, BC, Canada

Geographic position N48° 26′ 42″ W123° 20′ 41″

You can get to Oswald Park from Patricia Bay Highway (which becomes Blanchard Street) . Turn east onto Hillside Avenue and continue to Cook Street. Turn northward on Cook Street and take the second slight right onto Kiwanis Way which quickly becomes Cedar Hill Road. Turn left at the second onto Oswald Road. There is parking near the end of this short road and a pathway to the park. There are city bus routes along Hillside Avenue or North Dairy Road with a short walk to Oswald Park.


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