Hillside Park

Hillside Park is in Victoria, B.C., one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. On first glance Hillside Park is not on a hillside nor is there any slopes to this park. It is a great baseball park though. The ball diamond is complete with outfield fences, score board, batting box, concession and commentary building, bleachers and toilets. The ball park host organization is the National Little League who call this park the Jerry Hale Field. Part of District 7, Nationals have been around since nineteen fifty-three and Hale was a baseball enthusiast who enjoyed volunteering to score keep for many decades. The concession is typically open during ball games only. There is also a picnic and wood chip covered play area. The toddler playground is tucked between the baseball field and an apartment building, which helps to protect the kids from the traffic along Hillside Avenue and Cook Street. The play area is partially fenced with chain-link fence with openings for the concrete pathway that connects Cook Street with Hillside Avenue. The playground includes slides, swings and a spider-web rope climb as well as other climbing apparatus. The large trees near this ball field are mostly Garry Oaks and willows surrounded by grass.

Geographic position N48° 26′ 27″ W123° 21′ 2″

You can get to Hillside Park from Patricia Bay Highway (which becomes Blanchard Street). Turn east onto Hillside Avenue and continue to Cook Street. Turn northward on Cook Street and take the first right onto Higgins Street. The park borders on Higgins Street, where there is roadside parking. A bus travels along Hillside Avenue from downtown to the University of Victoria.


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