Cecelia Ravine Park

Cecelia Ravine Park stairs Cecelia Ravine Park allotment gardens 2 Cecelia Ravine Park bike 2

Cecelia Ravine Park is in a seaside community of Victoria, one of thirteen communities of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Cecelia Ravine Park is a large park that extends to both the east and west side of the ravine for Cecelia Creek. Cecelia Ravine is a steep sided valley with Cecelia Creek at its base. Its watershed area is about three hundred and sixty hectares. Most of the tributaries of this creek are underground and most of the surface area has been covered with roadways and parking areas. There is a bike park, sports court and community and allotment garden bordered by natural spaces and trails within the two hectares of parkland. The east side of the ravine hosts a bike park which has a varied terrain learning circuit. Next to that is an adjustable basketball hoop and a hockey net that make up the chain-linked fenced sport court area. The garden beds lie down slope from the bike park and have 20 private plots as well as several community sites. There are benches to pause at to enjoy these wonderful gardens.

Alongside the creek bed is the Galloping Goose Trail, part of the CRD cycling route from North Sannich and Sidney, starting from the BC Ferry Terminal, to Sooke’s Potholes and Leechtown.  The Thomas Clive Arkell Trail, named for a long term Burnside community volunteer and association past president, parallels the creek from the Gorge Street Bridge. There are a couple of wide switch back trails and stairs that lead down the ravine. On the west ridge of the park is the playground. A multi-level climbing apparatus with a curly slide and tunnel make up the playground. This playground and swings are set on a sandy base. The south end of the park, reached by walking along the GGT, is the Gorge Road Bridge which has a Frank Lewis mural that is thought provoking. The Burnside Community Center is on the east side of the ravine. It can be reached by using the three set of stairs or strolling along the pathway.


Geographic coordinate N48° 26’ 41” W123° 22’ 42”


Cecilia Ravine Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. To reach the bike park and community center Turn west onto Finlayson Street and continue onto Burnside Road West. Turn right onto Burnside Road and continue Napier Lane. Turn left onto Napier Lane and look for the park to the right and the community center at the junction of Napier Lane and Cecelia Road. To reach the west side of the park stay on Burnside Road West to Washington Street where you turn right. Turn right again onto Cecilia Street. There is some parking at the foot of the street and the park is on the left. A city bus travels along Burnside Road West and Gorge Road East from downtown.


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