The Great or Trans Canada Trail – Victoria

The Great Trail also called the Trans Canada Trail is a multi-use recreational pathway that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans. Twenty three thousand kilometers of walkways connect all of the provinces and territories in Canada. This trail  is built as a community based project and the portion of the route within and maintained by the City of Victoria, BC, is part of the local Galloping Goose Regional Trail, Harbourside Bike Trail and the David Foster Way.

These trails, on Vancouver Island, are also part of the Vancouver Island Spine Trail.

There are two loops and a couple of spurs of the TCT in Victoria. The Trans Canada Trail starts at Clover Point, Dallas Road. The Victoria Shoreline Loop follows Dallas Road past Odgen Point Breakwater, at which point it connects with the David Foster Way. The one kilometer stroll along the breakwater is noted as spur of the TCT. The Shoreline Loop continues along the streets and pathways that border the waterfront of Victoria’s downtown to reach the Harbourside Bike Trail and GGT at Johnson Street Bridge. Double back to complete the nine kilometer walking circuit. The second loop, the Victoria Seaside Tour, is a thirty-nine kilometer cycling tour of Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich and returns on part of the GGT. The TrailsBC website provides more details.



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