Mary Street Park

Westsong Walkway Mary Park 2

This discrete parkland lines on the end of Mary Street in Victoria West. There are two concrete twenty-five meter pathways that connect this park to the Westsong Walkway. If you are looking for a more secluded area for a picnic along the busy Victoria waterfront this might be the place to come, perhaps mid week when there are fewer people out walking along the pathways. This park provides an excellent place to lounge and relax while watching seaplanes, yachts and ferries navigate the waters of Victoria’s Harbour. Across the waters is the the Fisherman’s Wharf and James Bay area of Victoria. Pelly Island, with the flashing green navigational marker, and Sleeper Reef, marked with a solid black and white square, are off shore slightly to the east. Colville Island is offshore to the west. There are a couple of benches and Garry oak trees along the connecting trails. The park also have several rosehip and blackberry bushes under the arbutus trees. Kimta Road Green Space is to the east beside Spinnakers Brewpub and restaurant while Russell Street Green Space is the west along Westsong Walkway.

Geographic coordinate N48° 25’ 42” W123° 23’ 9”

Mary Street Green Space can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn west onto Johnson Street and continue across the bridge toward Victoria West. Once across the bridge, Johnson Street curves to become Esquimalt Road. Continue on Esquimalt Road to reach Mary Street. Turn left onto Mary Street and continue to the end where Milne Street is to the right. There is limited roadside parking on both Milne or Mary streets. A city bus travels along Esquimalt Road from downtown.


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